2013.10 - saison is over

3 tracks and many kilometres on the roads in the past saison.
thank all for the perfect trips and hope, we will do it again in 2014.
have a nice winterbreak

2013.07 - cya brno

fantastic track with a lot of speed and tricky corners.
but very beautyful and we will visit brno again, that's sure!
the race movie is online, you can find in the movie section, thx.

2013.06 - lausitz movie online

it was a adrenalin, fast and wet race on the eurospeedway track.
two crashes but no personal injury, check out the video, have fun!

2013.05 - pannonia ring video online

the video is now online in 3 versions, enjoy it
next turn: eurospeedway lausitz end of may, wuhuu!

2013.05 - ready to race

2 days left before my friend manuel and i will visit the pannonia ring.
we are both very happy and can't belive the trip to hungary.
thursday 700km by car and then 3 days of racing ... stay tuned!

2013.02 - new racetrack dates online

this year we will rock the following racetracks in
pannoniaring hungary, lausitz germany and bruenn in czechia.

start is in may with hungary, 3 days full of speed.
hope the weather and the liability of the tire's are with us!
stay online and watch our racediarys after the events.

2013.01 - new page is online

my new design of is now online.
i hope the content of this page is okay and my english is not so bad.
please excuse my spelling errors, i will be better, hehe.
hope you enjoy my little private site, stay tuned, cu olli