wtf is littlebudda?

you definitly ask, why i call the page littlebudda. that's a good question!
sixteen years ago i played a game and i need a nickname, so my first thought was littlebudda. this was also the begin of my first registred url.
now i call myself reinerskill and rescue the world from all virtual game soldiers day by day.

who i am?

my realname is oliver and i live in germany near lake constance.
my favourite pastime is the pc. volleyball, squash and mountainbiking are also my hobbies.
i work with the machines since i was 7 years old, thank you dad that you have realized it!
after many years of school i decided to make an education in a company as a computer scientist.
a dream come true, i make my hobby to my workplace.

why is this awesome page in english?

good question again! i wanted to build a new page, strange look and in a different language.
all the people around the world should read and understand my text without any translator!
also it is a good exercise for me to learn and write the english language!

meaning of

it's a hobby of mine to build webpages and this project is absolute private.
to support me, you can buy something over my cooperative firms / partners.
you will find the link at the mainpage or here, thank you.

have a nice day and enjoy this page, bye olli